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Name:伊朗Shahid Rajaee港口综合业务项目
Address:伊朗德黑兰 #5, No.149, Mirdamad Blvd., Tehran, Iran
Company Name:Kaveh Port and Marine Services, Kaveh Logistics
Brand:Shahid Rajaee港口
Specification:货运吞吐量70 Million Tons,室内仓储 193095 m2,集装箱码头运输量 3.3 Million TEUs,泊位深度 17米以上,泊位数量 27


Shahid Rajaee Port complex is one of the most important ports in Iran with an approximately capacity 70 million tons of cargo loading and unloading in a year which has more than 55% of exports and imports and 70% of the transit of country's ports countrywide.

80% of cargo loading and unloading which are carried by container are done in this complex as well.

This complex will be extended to more than 4800 ha operating zone and the coast at a distance of 23 kilometers from the West of Bandar Abbas.

This container port was used to do the good exchange with 80 ports around the world in 2012. This port with 18 Gantry cranes, about 27 berths and the largest and the most advanced container terminals in the country, have the ability of berthing kinds of ocean-going vessels.

In the latest ranking of the worldwide's container ports, which was released in September 2013, Shahid Rajaee port was ranked 59 in the world.



Contact I:

Masoud Kavoossi, Ph.D

Professor of International Business, Howard University

TEL: (202)806-1567

FAX: (202)986-4409


Contact II:

TEL: +9821-22274535

FAX: +9821-22220759



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Belong Industry:F交通运输、仓储和邮政
Belong Region :境外